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Whore Moans review, 8/14

Posted: September 13, 2007 by Joanie in Reviews

Didn’t want to detract from the LRC party hype so just posting this review now, this show seems like forever ago. But way back in July, I had a fun vacation in Portland OR and Seattle where I was able to catch the annual Capitol Hill Block Party. The band I liked best was the Whore Moans who played a great set to a lot of fans. It turned out for the best that I wasn’t able to find a band member and scam a CD for the station since I’m very happy to own it. I emailed asking them to send us one and they said they’d do that or give it to me at their Boston show. I had seen nothing about them playing in town but found out they were in Haverhill the next Sun. at Welfare Records, a place that just recently started putting on shows in their (surprisingly air conditioned) basement. Unfortunately, it was a fairly last minute show and driving to Haverhill hasn’t really caught on. We made the trip and with the two other bands on the bill, there were 18 people or so, none of whom paid. That didn’t deter the Whore Moans who played a great set but really wanted a show in the 3 days off before heading to Cleveland. I had already hooked them up to do an interview with Chris on Monday’s LRC, so offered that they could stay at my place and did my best to find them a gig. Dave from the Midway was totally accommodating and we got them on the Lenny Lashley bill on Tues., which gave me time to get the word out. Thankfully people came early and everyone liked the band, even people who don’t normally like “screamo garage”. A term the guys took issue with until they realized that when I say screamo, I mean bands like Fingerprint not Taking Back Sunday. In any case, they may have been a little less at ease at the Midway than the other two times I’d seen them, but they still kicked ass and made new fans with their special blend of garage and screaming. The record is fairly varied and not all chaotic loudness ( More importantly, they sold merch, made friends, got drinks (and more), and had a good show before the long drive to Cleveland. It’ll be even better next time they come to town I’m sure.

Whore Moans at Doyle’s

Nikki/Whore Moans

Wanted to write about a couple great shows I saw in May. Surprisingly good, which is always nice after seeing so much mediocrity. First was Mando Diao from Sweden at TT’s with openers Pop Levi, whose CD I thought was okay, and some band called The Films. What a pleasant surprise The Films were, melodic but had enough balls to keep my attention. I assumed they were from another country but Charleston, SC doesn’t count. Next was the bummer of Pop Levi who was such a priss and so full of himself, I just wasn’t having it. I’d hate to be the roadie for that band. I’d seen MD a couple years ago on a weeknight and actually stuck it out til the end cuz they were worth it. As they were this recent time, those guys really put everything into it (as Conan said when they played his show shortly after). Their songs sound way better live than recorded, need to revisit the most recent CD since opening track “Welcome Home Luc Robitaille” was a great way to stat the show. Sheepdog, which was the first single I heard from them, is still a standout of the set. I decided they should do “We Ain’t Got Nothing Yet” by the Blues Magoos. They do no covers as far as I know and this would be perfect for them. Someone let them know.


The week after, the Love Me Nots from Phoenix played at the Middle East and these guys and girls have got that revamped 60’s thing down. The guys look great in their skinny cut suits and the gals look perfect in their black and white shifts and go-go boots. But most importantly, their songs are awesome and they’re great live. Singer was a great front person rocking her Farfisa around. Set was paced well, almost every song from their CD (In Black and White) rocks, as do the couple new ones in the set, and they were really nice people. Hopefully we’ll get them to do a live set next time they come to town.

Thanks to Eric Law for the photos.