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Chris (and special guests) – Playlist – 9/03/07

Posted: September 3, 2007 by Chris in Playlists

An incomplete playlist, from the show with Albert O., Blowfish, and Greg Reibman. All the discs we spen were singles, except for the live track from the Neighborhoods.

A ton of fun!

The Outlets | Can’t Cheat the Reaper
The Reaction | I Can’t Resist
The Soft Boys | I want to be an anglepoise lamp
The Eastern Dark | Johnny and Dee Dee
The Buzzcocks | Noise Annoys

Couch Flambeau | We’re not so smart
The Dootz | A.C.N.E. (I’ve got Acne)
Rachel Sweet | Who Does Lisa Like?
Althia and Donna | Up Top Ranking

Stiff Little Finger | Alternative Ulster
Flipper | Love Canal
999 | Emergency
Forgotten Rebels | Surfin’ on Heroin
Hazel Adkins

Neighborhoods | Roxanne | Live on ‘BCN ’89
The Embarrasment | Sex Drive
The Avengers | We Are the One

Chris Spedding | Pogo Dancing