6/13 Sue S.

Posted: June 13, 2008 by Joanie in Playlists

SOTD: The Nightmarchers/I wanna deadbeat you/see you in magic/Vagant/ CD 2008

Bed music: Russian circles /tracks 2-5/Station/ Suicide squeeze/ CD 2008

Aliens/ Guinea pig/ Head first/ Misc music/ CD 2008
Blankits/ Road rage/ Happy accidents/ empty/ CD 2006
West coast pop art expiremental band/ Shifting sands/ Part one/ Sundazed/ CD 2001 / original LP: WB 1967
Slobster/ Sudden Death/ A real cool time/ Amigo/ LP compilation 1985
Graham Day & the Gaolers/ Backstage whore/ Damaged goods/ 7″ 2008
Ho-ag/ Machines/ Doctor cowboy/ hello sir/ CD 2008
Polvo/ Vibracobra/ Rockville/ 7″ 1991
Deerhunter/ Cryptograms/ Cryptograms/ Kranky/ CD 2007
Kissing Spell/ Yellow Moon/ Love peace & poetry – Chilean psych-compilation/ normal CD 2008
Cute Lepers/ The news is always the same/ Can’t stand modern music/ Blackheart/ CD 2008 (Jordan’s SOTD)
Mando Diao/ Sweet ride/ Bring ’em in/ Mute/ CD 2003
Frightwig/ Public baths/ Phone sexy/ Boner/ LP 1989
The Kids/ I’ll get you/The Kids/ Sonik chicken shrimp/ LP 2008 (1978 reissue)
Q-65/ It came to me/ Searchin’ in the WILDerness – compilation/ muziek express
Tears run rings/ How will the others survive/ Always, sometimes, seldom, never/ Claire/ CD 2008
The Alchemysts/ Gone/ Zero zen/ Rubric/ CD 2000
Wayne Rogers/ If I ask/Infinite for now/ Twisted village/ LP 2008
The Nightmarchers/ I wanna deadbeat you/ See you in magic/ Vagant/ CD 2008
The Freeze/ Bloodlights/ Misery loves company / Taang/ LP 1991
Red Dons/ Hajji takes a ride/ Death to idealism/ Dearanged/ CD 2007
Chapter VI/ Fear / Fuzz Flaykes & Shaykes #6 – compilation/ Bacchus archives/ CD 2002
The Reducers/ Cruise to nowhere/ Cruise to nowhere/ Rave on/ LP 1985
Hex Dispensers/ Lose my cool/ Douche master/ 7″ 2008
The Deathset/ Cold teeth/ Worldwide/ Counter/ CD 2008
Ladytron/ Versus/ Velocifero/ Nettwerk/ CD 2008
Flower/ Spiral/ Concrete/ Sorority13/ LP 1988
The Dragons/ Life is cheap/ Rock n roll kamikazee/ Junk/ CD 2002
Ty wagoner / Slander /Back From The Grave #7 – compilation/ Crypt/ LP 1988
Bad dudes/ Heterosaucer/ Eat drugs/ Retardo disco/ CD 2008
Black strap/ The bitter, the sweet/ Steal my horses and run/ Teepee/ CD 2008

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