Chrissy V. – 10/1/07

Posted: October 1, 2007 by chrissy victims in Playlists

oi …<3

Chaos U. K / lawless Britain/Short sharp shock/

Novelities/insted of a hug/st/Kenrock Records

the Kids/for the fret/st/repress on Havoc

the Curses/wish you were/all Hail/Curses

Johnny Vomit and the Dry Heaves/Choakin on a lude

Pussy Galore/New Breed/Right now

Fag Cop/Aint got no life

Loli and the Chones/Bored/p.s. We Hate You/Rip Off

Agony Bag/Feelmazumma


D.I./stick to your guns/horse Bites Dog Crys/Reject


Final Solutions/rubber stamp test/

feederz/taking the night/teachers in space/

Drunks with guns/wonderful subdivision/black/

Pure hell /I feel bad/Welfare records

Oppressed/we’re the oppressed

Digger and the Pussycats/pick up at ponys/watch your back

Flux of Pink Indians/Progress/ Crass records

NomeansNo/day everything became nothing/

Suicidal Infants/sex in the streets/indigo/’86

Nazis from Mars/we got to get out of this place/american express dream/subway star

Busy Singles/ so pointless

inanimate Objects/the new one/Bloodstains across texas/

For Science/swan song/Way Out

Rezillos/top of the pops/cant stand the ../Sire

Riff Randals/Doublecross/titletrack/Dirtnapp

Vivisect/Reagan Spawn/st/GutterRock

Consumers/anti anti anti/

Antiseen/2 headed dog/Clayton records

Unseen/talking bombs

Wild Billy Childish and the Musicians of the British Empire/walking off the map/Damaged

Aryan Disgrace/faggot in the family/killed by death/

the Fall/rowche Rumble/best of ../

MotarHead/stay cleen/

Bob Burns and the Breakups/thunderbird/terminal Breakdown/gearhead

Spoiled Brats/Jackies never coming back/st/rip off

Damned/ jet boy girl/request

Disorder/drop the bomb/pain headache depression/trujaca fala

Soul Survivors/too many fish in the sea …shake/when the whistle blows../vampisoul

i could find that line key anywhere

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