Hey, have you made a pledge yet?

Posted: November 6, 2007 by Chris in News

WMBR’s once-a-year fundraising drive continues through Wednesday.

Have you made a pledge yet?

If you have, thank you very much! If you are still waiting, please help support a 30-year tradition of quality, noncommercial radio on the Late Risers Club by making a pledge to support WMBR.

You may make a secure pledge online here.

If you call in to (617)-253-8810, during the Late Risers Club show, we are offering an additional fundraising premium. For a pledge of at least $60, we’ll send you the LRC T-shirt and a special CD with highlights from the 30th anniversary shows, with all your old favorite LRC DJ’s. This offer is ONLY available by phone during the regular LRC hours.

LRC T-shirt design
(click image for a larger view)
This shirt will never be offered again, so pledge now!

Check out the fundraising site for information about other cool premiums like travel mugs, long-sleeve T-shirts, hoodies, and windbreakers.


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